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Abstracts: Canon Law Abstracts

[WWW]CLSGBI A review of periodical literature in Canon Law by members of the Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland Containing references for canon law articles published in recent years.
[WWW]CLSA Proceedings 1969-1986 from Canon Law Society of America
[WWW]Revue Revue de droit canonique: summaries of canonical journals

Books and Journals

- complete texts online: [WWW]Online Books [WWW]Google Books [WWW]Gutenberg Project [WWW]Internet Public Library [WWW]Internet Archive [WWW]Digital Christian Library
[WWW]Index of Advisory Opinions: CLSA
[WWW]Canon Law Journals and texts
[WWW]Review for Religious
[WWW]Law Review Commons

Canon Law

[WWW]English83 [WWW]Latin83 [WWW]Latin17 [WWW]CCEO English [WWW]CCEO Latin [WWW]Latin/English83 [WWW]French17 [WWW]Latin / English parallel

Canon Law Faculties

[WWW]Louvain [WWW]CUA [WWW]St. Paul's Ottawa

Canon Law Various

[WWW]Codes, [WWW]Charts [WWW]Online Resources [WWW]Glossary of Canonical Terms

Church Documents

[WWW]General [WWW]''Acta Sanctae Sedis'' and ''Acta Apostolicae Sedis'' (1865 to present) [WWW]Fathers & Church Documents [WWW]Papal Encyclicals from 1200s on [WWW] [WWW]Denziger [WWW]Vatican Daily News

Courses: Comp Eu Law - CUA

[WWW]Comparative European Legal History: Roman Law and the Ius commune Video and Materials. [WWW]History of Canon Law - This course is video and audio streamed on the internet

European Journal for Church and State


Latin Resources

[WWW]Collins-notes and exercises [WWW]Nuntii Latini - Latin news broadcast [WWW]Latin Podcast [WWW]from St. Louis University Whitaker's Words [WWW]online dictionary [WWW]same to download and install

Law and Religion

[WWW]Law Professor Howard Friedman on Current Church State Issues - esp in USA

Legal Texts: Ancient and Medieval

[WWW]The Avalon Project at Yale Law School - Pre 18th Century Documents; [WWW]Documenta Catholica Omnia [WWW]Simon of Bisignano [WWW]Medieval Internet Sourcebook


[WWW]Patristics in English [WWW]Christian Classics Ethereal Library


[WWW]Pray As You Go


[WWW]Canon Law Society of America [WWW]Canadian Canon Law Society [WWW]Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland [WWW]Canon Law Society of Australia and New Zealand

Spanish Language Materials

[WWW]Prof. Javier Hervada [WWW]Prof. Javier Otaduy [WWW]Prof. Jorge Miras [WWW]Prof. Antonio Viana [WWW]Ius Canonicum [WWW]Curso de Derecho CanĂ³nico

Amy Hereford, CSJ, JD

[WWW]Amy Hereford provides legal and consultation services for religious communities and other non-profits [WWW]Pray as you Go Daily Prayer Podcast


[upicleuven]upicleuven [WWW]University Parish, International Community

Grammar and Style

[WWW]Guide to Grammar and Style [WWW]Common Errors in English [WWW]Stunk & White [WWW]Zotero Free footnoting program. [WWW]Dropbox Cloud back-up program. [WWW]Template Template for KULeuven Canon Law Theses - OpenOffice. [WWW]Open Office Free, opensource wordprocessing program.

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