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History of Canon Law

Professor WERCKMEISTER from Strasbourg

1. Subdivisions of Canon Law

A. History of the sources:

the sources are the norms, generally written norms, but also customs and jurisprudence. Current source is code of 1983, but also Motu Propriu, Norms, diocesan sources, etc. In the east CCEO would be first source.

B. History of Canonical Institutions:

C. History of Canonical Science

Send a little study - 5-10 pages 2000 (characters per page) with bibliography on a topic on history of canon law - e.g. canon in gratian and study and translate and explain. What is the puStudy canon in its historical background - e.g. from Nicea and present it in that context - why did nicea make this canon. Study something translated - e.g. Charity in Ivo of Chatre - or choose something later.

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